Built in 1877 by Captain Benjamin Pinkham, much of the charm and character of the house remains. The home boasts layers of detail from floor to ceiling. Very few guests pass through without commenting on the intricate parquet floors, beautiful crown molding or the detailed ceiling medallions. The picture frame wainscoting, push button light switches and wallpapered rooms all add to the Victorian-era ambiance of the home. Many guests say they have a feeling of nostalgia as they enter the Inn.
The house was a single-family home until World War II, when it was leased by the government as housing for those serving in the U. S. Coast Guard. During that time the interior, including the beautiful hardwood floors, was painted battleship grey (no longer the case!)
Come stay with us and become a part of this special home's story!
Photos clockwise from lower left: Capt. Banjamin Pinkham, 1845-1917; Capt. Pinkham with Grace M. Pinkham, Abbie Pinkham, Arthur Pinkham; Double Wedding: Dr. James Cook, Marion Pinkham Cook, Grace Madeline Pinkham and Herbert LeRoy Candage; Head of Harbor from water; 55 Union Street, Boothbay Harbor, ME. All photos undated.

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